New Cmi Brochure

See the new CMI brochure (beta version) and give me your feedback.
This is the CMI only version (no other association mentioned).


It looks real good, should be a winner…!

Just don’t mention that 90% (my guess…:stuck_out_tongue: ) became CMI’s before anything close to this was required for membership…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


I wonder why you would mention this it seems to get enough publicity as it is.
(my guess…:stuck_out_tongue: )
Really does not hold water as an example I and my wife where one of the early birds to get our CMIs
We both have well over 1,000 Inspections and many many more then 3 years doing inspections plus I guess some where around 1,000 hours of education .
I expect many others who got in Early are also in this area.
Even if many are far short so what they followed the rules at the time , I have no concerns with this .

Roy Cooke Sr.
Love the Brochure hope it will be available not in a PDF so we can add our names and information .


Looks like a winner


I have to harrass John when I get a chance…:smiley:

Believe me I understand you guys are master inspectors…!

Dale has given me so many greenies that I give him
complete permission to harrass me.

OK Dale… you can stop now :mrgreen:

The folks at
have made these CMI brochures for us.

I will give you their cost for printing details shortly.

Make the info fields modifiable on a .pdf so that they can be downloaded and printed.

I will provide the contact info for the printer that made
these brochures for everyone. They will work with each
person to insert their personal info and do the printing.

If somone wants to do something else, that is up to them.

As an editable .pdf, the brochure can be printed by Members as needed.

Three things
(1) I print all my own Brochures
(2) shipping to Canada is expensive and slow.
(3) Most shippers use UPS and UPS also adds another brokerage charge to Canada.
… Cookie Some suppliers can not handle Canadian Credit Cards

I understand that some people may want to do their own printing.
But all I have is what the printer has created for me (the pdf file).

If some want to take this pdf file and modify it for themselves and do
their own printing, then that is up to each person.

Those that want the nachi store to do the printing, I will have a cost
quote shortly.

You are correct, I also print my own as needed.
Len Ungar CMI


Looks professional but quite a read, lots of information to digest. Have you thought about using a Rack Card? The size forces you to distill the message down into the essential idea or concept you are attempting to convey. I would begin by thinking about focusing on what sets a CMI apart from the rest of the inspectors, then direct them to the website where you can elaborate on the theme.

Personally, I have stooped using brochures when my first 3,000 ran out and began using rack cards to target specific markets and drive people to my website to gain more information, the tactic has worked for me.

In any case it appears that CMI is moving forward and that is a fine accomplishment.

All the best - Joe.


Excellent looking brochure. Depending on the pricing, I may order a thousand.

If my printer is cheaper, I’ll simply steal some ideas out of this brochure.

Here is a copy of the brochure that you can add text to like a form, try it out.

Here is what mine would look like filled out.

I added an image field, do with it what you want or leave it blank.

Enjoy - Joe.

PS- To use this Form you must have the FULL version of Adobe -or- the FoxIt Editor ($99)

PSS - The FoxIt Reader is Free and better than Adobe, you can get it here.

looks great but it is in PDF and I can do nothing with it . Thanks … Cookie

Sorry, I though that you could use one of the free PDF drivers to print this file to PDF but that won’t work. Yes you will need a PDF editor of some sort to be able to use the modified templete I created.

Here is a copy of the brochure that Hit your copy of Broucher and read the top line it tells me I can not use this to print if I want a copy . Cookie

I have no clue what you are talking about, you can fill-in each field and print it any way you want. If you own a copy of Adobe (not the reader) then you can create another PFD file with your information just like mine.

If you only have the Adobe Reader then all you can do with it is print to paper, unless of course you add one of the free Adobe print drivers like Primo.PDF. But let me not digress, I gave up Tech Support 10 years ago and do not feel compelled to ever return. :smiley:

Adobe is a fanfastic product I suggest you invest a little time in understanding PDF files as they are a mainstay of our profession.