New Colorado Home Inspector legislation.

Typical. no info on what it takes to get licensed, but probably 5 pages on what punishment there is for violating the law.

Seems CO Inspectors are in for a bumpy ride! Read Page 4, 12-28.5-103. Powers and duties of the Director. First they will force the licensing without proper rules and then you get to find out all the rules. That’s never a good situation!

As for punishments read page 9 and 10. Looks like they took a page from the Texas play book and are using it there!

Any state licensing never works unless you adapt state wide building codes, so you can state what a defect actually is and is not, license trades people of all types to make the repairs that you find, license home builders so that you can investigate violations and poor home building, and have enforcement and monitoring by the REA’s, AHJ’s and the inspection licensing board. If not, home inspection laws never work for the home buyer.

State HI laws are only for the implementation of basic laws, basic reports, and basic SOP’s, all so the home will sell, so the mortgage and title companies get their cut, so the REA’s will sell homes, so the insurance companies can insure the homes, so the HI educational providers can make money, etc. etc. Basis laws are also implemented and required so that it pushes any home liability in the RE transaction onto the HI.

After all, everyone that has a driver’s license is a good driver…


Seems like the word DICTATOR would be more applicable.

Somebody in Kansas would have gotten wet & sloppy with that language.

HI’s in Colorado need to decide if they want government to run their business, or the have the home inspector themselves run their business. The REA’s and the home buyers can police our industry just fine without government interference.

If they want.

The REA’s want the laws and legalities to hide behind basic HI laws for the reasons that I previously stated.

We have a joint association meeting (ASHI and InterNACHI) with our lobbyist tomorrow (January 26) at 10 AM at InterNACHI headquarters at if anyone is interested in attending.

Nick, would love to hear how that meeting comes out. With the new crew in CA I see this raising it’s ugly head here again.

Notification of this would have been nice. I just saw this thread a few days late. What was the outcome of the meeting?

ASHI and InterNACHI hired a lobbyist who is working for both organizations since both organizations oppose registration (licensing lite).

What a coincidence that they recently passed the Marijuana laws, and now are squeezing through these other mandates.
“Get 'em stoned, and slip it through. They won’t feel a thing”!

Licensing meeting on February 13, 2017:

We killed it.


I sent a letter to the finance committee members showing that InterNACHI handles zillions of consumer phone calls and emails that are going to go to the state of Colorado if they pass this legislation. Fielding those consumer inquiries will cost the state a fortune that they won’t be able to cover with licensing fees. The next day it died in the Finance Committee.

This ain’t my first rodeo.

Didn’t say it was, but you posted nothing to explain your comment. You could have been talking about the rodent infestation in your barn, for all we know.

Colorado Chapter meeting on February 14, 2017: Subjects: Asbestos and Home Inspector Licensing:

Nick, Can you provide a letter that we can present to our chapter members detailing this bill being killed please? I will also send you an email.

Thank you for all you do.