New Company Logo ...

Just a little something I did when I got Borded…
What ya think?

Main Company Logo.jpg

I would stay away from using an image of a roof, an eagle, or a magnifying glass.

It looks somewhat like mine, I don’t care…
Looks good.

Nick! What’s wrong with mine?

Ok so those logo’s are what is the norm for home inspector’s?

If you like it then it is fine.
There is no norm with this trade.
However, When you select one plan on keeping it forever.

Thanks For The Input…
Greatly Appreciated…

Keep working on it …It is almost there.

Nick, why not the magnifying glass?

Try to remember the purpose of a logo. It’s not to “look good” or “pop.” It’s to establish a brand. A roof isn’t a brand because roofs are everywhere. You want people who see your logo for the third time to recall that they’ve seen your logo before.