New Comparision of Death Risks Chart added to InterNACHI's Inspection Gallery.

that is meaningless without more info:(

No radon level stated.

Try again please

No, that would be like saying the deaths from car wrecks is meaningless without MPH data.

The chart is fine. It is showing number of deaths per year caused by home fires, drowning, radon, and car wrecks.


Your data source please.

Death from Radon exposure is directly related to the level of Radon and whether you smoke or not.

You should provide a foot note of explanation at the very least.

Auto accidents deaths are currently about 32,000 per year in the USA

No, that would be an individuals risk of contracting cancer, not number of all deaths a year attributed to radon.

Like I said the chart is meaningless.

Sorry if you can’t take criticism

And Radon is not a accident as are the others.

This may be a better comparison.

Michael, note the chart Christopher posted. There is no radon level stated in it either (or MPH for that matter).

Please post your data source and I will make corrections for you.

the chart is wrong

Michael, I made a new one for you: