New computer bug

That new bug that microsoft warned about yesterday is bad news, it got in my computer right after I read the news and I have just now gotten the patch from Microsoft to get it out. Don’t wait, go to microsoft and get yours now. It affects Vista and windows XP. I got it when I saved an ANSI file on this BB. Ken

Which bug??? Where did you get the info???

How about a link to the patch Ken!

I got the news at news. and the patch at microsoft update. they released it 1 week early.

It comes in thru your mouse pointer when it changes shape to an hourglass or animal shapes. Hope this helps, It really screwed me up.

What were the symptoms/problems you were having??? If i’m online and go to work on a Microsoft program my computer freezes up. I downloaded updates but still have problems. Was that what happened to you??

The problem reported in the news is the bug tracks your keystrokes and steals passwords,financial info and so forth. Mine kept shutting down, changing all my settings around, refused to let me restore, taking programs out and so many other things I can’t remember them all. The way I finally got around it was to unplug my modem, load a virus program in and then reboot. Then when I got it to stay up, I restored back a few days. Then I went to microsoft and downloaded the patch. It is working fine now. Hope this helps, Ken

After I switched to Firefox browser, all those bugs stopped
bothering me. It’s a wonderful feeling to not worry about it

Plus, I run an anti-trojan and anti-virus and a firewall.
These programs never pickup anything anymore since
I switched to Firefox about a year ago.

The “bug” in question also affects the FireFox browser. Please make sure to update your Windows Op systems for the cure.