New construction - couple questions

I got partway through this inspection last week when we decided about 10 minutes in to reschedule to this week since the gas wasn’t on yet but saw a few things on the exterior prior to leaving that I was curious about.

First was the condensers on wood pallets - I’ve never seen that before but don’t imagine it will last long, this surely isn’t an accepted practice, right?

Second were these pipes coming out of the soffit, i didn’t make it to the attic but I’m guessing that it is the condensate drains for the HVAC. Once again, this would be a first for me, is this an okay location for them? I can’t foresee it really creating problems that wouldn’t be caused anyways by rain but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

New construction in S.C.

Thanks in advance!

Were there two separate AC systems?
The pipes look like emergency (secondary) drains for the air handler condensate.
I don’t think it’s OK, the condenser should be on a slab or some type of composite material.


Based on the pictures, I would agree with Marc. :point_up_2:


Yes - Two AC systems. I can confirm on Tuesday if it’s the primary or secondary. Would that still be improper either way you think? I guess I can’t really think of ‘why’ to write it up…

The two pipes at the soffit appear to be the evap secondary drain point, or should be. This is typical and OK per IRC M1411.3.1.

Mounting the condensers on a pallet is not OK as per M1401.1. I have yet to see a manufacturer that would approve of this.

But hey, that’s how it was delivered.

It doubles as the mounting pad :slight_smile: I posted one in the past.

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I agree with Marc…

Don’t Ya just love creativity? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In Florida the condenser unit must be secured/strapped securely to the pad. Part of the hurricane code. :cowboy_hat_face:

Of course, if you’re a property investor in the hood, then you just do this!
Or you may be replacing the unit twice a year… … …


How do you service that?

There’s a latch/key to remove.

Damn, reminds me of a 3rd world where you must lock everything up.

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Don’t forget the lock on the fill valve to keep the tweakers from stealing your refrigerant too! :rofl:

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they appear to be secondary condensate drains. the installation is correct assuming what i can’t see in the attic is right. secondary condensate drains are required to be installed where they can be readily observed if in use. they are typically installed over a window or door so as to be noticed if water is running through it. that is to inform occupant that if water is draining through secondary drain the primary must be obstructed and need maintenance or repair.


Bill is correct. It is not uncommon to see the condensate line continuously dripping only to find a HVAC in the attic with a drain pan filled with water.

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The primary condensate drain should be down low and safely drain away from the exterior or can drain into a drain with an airgap. Those Secondary drains should be located so that they alert you when there is a problem (as it appears they are). Look for the (2) primary drains to confirm those are the secondary (pan) drains from the “two” separate units. And the wood Pallet?? That is Crap, and should alert you to really check what other goofy things the HVAC guy did…Oh…so I guess we are back to the condensate drains to make sure those are correct.


Just wrapping up now at the property, they replaced the pallets since my last trip out here so I guess it was just a temporary pad

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