New Construction - Down the Drain

Who checks down inside shower drains when inspecting new construction?


nice tile job a lil sloppy with the thinset…not at all uncommon

every accessible drain inside & out for many yrs has been my standard

from client this yr
“Using a plumber you recommended, we found several clusters of bricks in the sewer lines leading from the house to the street. I had two scopes arranged at the site and the city of Prosper entered the fray because one of the clusters was technically on their end. The builder had to dig up the front yard, pulverize the bricks, and flushed everything out to satisfy everyone, including the city inspector. Happy ending.”

Hopefully everybody… now. Also, all of them were a new build at some point. Great tip! Thanks for sharing Chuck.

Nice job Chuck. Guess will need to add that now :roll: