New Construction Foundation Question

That’s for you to decide. Ultimately a contractor will be doing the work. A SE will only provide a recommended fix. But at any rate get at least three quotes and opinions.

What if any ties does your engineer have to the builder/s?

No ties, just randomly found him on google.

From your description of his actions on site, he sounds either negligent, incompetent or both. I would find another engineer.

There obviously a design change or flaw. Either #1 was raised to match number #2 or #2 was raised to match #1. I would want to know the answer to that and was there change order submitted to your local jurisdiction? Was there a new set of approved plans produced by an approved design professional?

If this is a field correction, I would keep hitting the breaks.

I sent the SE the schematics from the builder/architect and he said the schematics had the change so I’m guessing they were submitted. The schematic says final revision on it. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I would assume the village inspection would not approve the change if it wasn’t submitted to them.

That is a good thing. But, I bet this 4 inches or so of chipped load bearing concrete was not in that change. I would focus on getting that repaired or reinforced. Did the SE even mention the damage?

So looking at the schematic closely (obviously I’m not familiar with these type of things) the final revision notes for the beam pockets to be filled in which they obviously weren’t. The material that looks like crumbling concrete isn’t concrete, feels more like grout. So I guess they tried to fill and just gave up or just left it as is.

The SE measured the length of what the beam is sitting and his initial calculations deemed it fine for the load but he did say there were ways to secure the concrete apart from just putting another steel pole nearby to take some of the load off.

I made an appt with Atlas Restoration out of Chicago which seems to be very well rated to come look at both the areas these beams sit on. Even if an SE says it’s fine, I still feel for peace of mind, it makes sense to secure someway regardless.

My concern was as you mentioned that they did this on the fly but after understanding the schematic better, it looks like it was revised and submitted before actually doing the changes.

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Good stuff! Best of luck.

There is plenty or bearing for that beam to carry that load and that pocket can be rebuilt using 5,000 PSI structural grout after drilling a few holes and a bonding agent to get a good bond.

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