New Construction House of Horrors, PICs by Russell Spriggs.

Nice pictures Russell, thanks :smiley:

The builder was pushing to get the out-of-state buyer to close this week:
"It’s ready!"

Looks like LP siding.

I had the opportunity to witness a major home builder across the street from a home we were remodeling several years ago. The builder had prepared five foundations and called for an inspection of the hole in the ground. Visqueen, wire mesh and rebar in place ready to go. The inspector shows and inspects the foundations, signs the boards and leaves. Almost immediately a crew with a dump truck pulls in and begins taking the wire mesh, rebar and visqeen out of the five foundations. The inspector arrives to see this in action as the concrete truck pulls up and begins to pour concrete into an empty hole ! Seems the inspector thought he might have missed signing a board and came back to double check. They busted up foundations for days until they finally found wire mesh. People got fired and the builder was burned for several thousands in fines.

Oh, that’s a great one, Ray!