New Construction Inspections for Banking Institutions

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Today I was called by a local bank and asked if I did “New Construction Inspections”. I have an appointment to talk to them in a couple of days. My problem is I am not sure exactly what they are looking for. When I asked the bank officer if they had a certain format they used, he said: “all of our inspectors use their own forms and rating system.” My question is, Does anyone do these kind of inspections and what forms are used? I didn’t want to go to the meeting totally empty handed. Needless to say, I am new to the Home Inspection Business and have not worked for lending institutions yet. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to NACHI, most likely the bank is requesting you to perform percent-complete inspections, these are typically not considered quality inspections but quantity inspections. Prior to releasing a draw on a construction loan the bank needs to know if the work the funds represent is finished. There are typically 4 to 5 draws that comprise a typical home construction loan. I use an Excel worksheet to monitor the various phases which automatically computes the percent-complete, PM me should you require a copy.

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very unusual for the bank to contact you for an inspection of their facility. I have quite alot of experience in building banks & credit unions from a local perspective, regional and national perspectives. In '97, I was responsible for survey of 800+ bank One’s & remodel of 450+.

Do you have E & O, liability or at least are you protected by being incorporated? There may not be an issue but..then again, they may have called because they have question as to completion vs billing. Usually, a financial institution would contact a CM firm for this analysis.

I have quite abit of information (documents, checklists, criteria...etc) which may help if you are interested. Just let me know.

If the call is a small institution who is just looking for an outsider's help on progress, I would not pass this up. Great opening into a hard market to get into.

I can be reached at (415) 850-0148 is you'd like to talk.

Good Luck.