New Construction Inspections

Does anyone do Inspections on New construction homes? I mean like at rough in, then after drywall (final) ? If you do this type of inspections, I would like to talk to you and hear any pointers, tips or the good, bad and ugly ?

Jim :cool:


I do phase inspections on new homes in Texas. If you would like to discuss it give me a call 210 385-1209.

I do draw inspections. When the builder asks for another cash draw the owner calls me to go out and look at the home to see if things are going right. I notify them and the bank if I find anything. I write up a report and give it to the buyer. When the home is complete I do a full inspection with report for the buyer. If there any questions I go with for the final walk through.

E&O won’t cover you on phase inspections. You better know the codes pretty well if you’re going to be inspecting that type of work.

That’s pretty much what I am going to be doing. It’s a test for this Investor/Builder. If it goes OK there are 32 homes in this community he is developing and will want me to do it all. I guess I’ll find out how it goes Monday on the 1st one.


I do phase/draw inspections in Ohio, I have been in construction for over 20 years. I know the codes but I** do not **tell the client if something is up to code. I recomend evaluation by the proper trade. I tailor the report to what the client is looking for, it takes a little more time but it makes the client happy = referals. You work for the client not the builder do not let them push you around. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. I’ll help if I can.

D.A.D. Home Inspections

Thanks David, I am doing the 1st inspection tomrrow, I will see how it goes. I also have been in the biz since 1985 so I am familiar with builders, and the codes. May need to brush up on them a bit but no worries.


We do framing inspections just prior to the insulation/sheetrock install. Then we come back and do a final prior to closing right before the builder performs the walkthrough with the client.

Do you guys find most of this work through permit applications for new homes, or some other avenue?

I was recommended to this Investor/Builder by the Agents that he is using to operate the Model home trailer and show/sell the houses.


I perform rough framing, electrical, plumbing inspections prior to the insulation being added, then because of the energy code, we do insulation inspection and drywall inspection.