New construction inspector needed in Maryland.

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From: Dyane West
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 7:49 AM
Subject: New Home Inspection

How do I go about finding a Home Inspector who specializes in new home construction? I am having a house built by a local builder and would rest better if a new home inspector could inspect the property before settlement? Also, what if any thing would the inspector do or look for in a new construction versus resale property?

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D. West
Upper Marlboro, MD](

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I would recommend that you hire a Home Inspector Certified by the National Association of Certified Inspectors (NACHI), and hire one that is willing to perform an inspection at the time the rough-in work is all done with no walls or ceilings closed in. The second inspection would be at completion.
This procedure would be the most benificial to you.