New Construction Phase Inspection - Deland

Experienced Only - Long time customer has a New Construction project requiring phase inspections during the construction. Too far for me to travel.

PM me for more details if interested…

50 views no one interested, I let the realtor know. :stuck_out_tongue:

60 Views, I’m bumpin’ this back up, do I need to send the Realtor to A$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Call Jerry Peck. He lives right near there.

I would not to that to an enemy, let alone a friend.

Just how many angels can dance on the head of a GFCI anyway? :smiley:

At least it would be right… when it is finished…8 years from now! :mrgreen:

Please think of all of the trees sacrificed to print the report. :freaked-:

Have them contact me. I do New Construction inspections. I also inspected homes for builders as a Quality Control Manager for several years. My number is 407-637-7288.

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