New construction - roof

Inspected a house yesterday - the truss are running parallel to the wall on a hipped roof - they are not flush with the sheathing - haven’t seen this before - any thoughts?

Any pictures?

What’s your email - I can’t get them to attach here

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Here are his photos.

Yes this is common for a hip roof.

First time I saw that I thought “That cant be right”. That is when I asked is plywood directional. OSB is not due to the multi-directional wafers.

As Greg posted earlier that is a hip roof and probably the most common truss configuration used in the industry. If you are not familiar with roof truss framing I would suggest that you order the BCSI manual that is published jointly by The Building Components Industry and The Truss Plate Institute. It contains everything you would ever need to know about the manufacture, shipping, handling and bracing of engineered truss systems as well as how to read truss plans and cut sheets. It would be a good addition to your reference library and as memory serves only costs about $20. You should be able to find the manual at your local construction book store. Or on line at