New Construction - Single Wraps

Installed on the exterior of the garage with (4) Tapcon screws, the straps have six holes. Anyone want to hazard a guess to the uplift rating?

How they going to hide that?

Foam or banding?

What diameter are the Tapcons? You would need to know that.

Size of tap cons doesn’t matter - they only come in 5/16" and 1/4" and either one is fine. Simpson calls for a minimum of two into the block when installed this way. It’s very common - I see it all the time. Stucco covers it with no problem (which BTW is NOT our problem!). It’s in the “recommended installation” for Simpson ties. They actually caution against too many tap cons - it weakens the block.

But thoses cells should be solid

Not necessarily - it depends on the length of the tie. A longer tie could extend beyond (lower than) the tie beam. Also, it depends in the length of the tap con. I would have to dig out my Simpson book but if i remember correctly the minimum tap con is 1" long which would not go through the block to any concrete. In other words, Simpson can not rely on a block being filled to determine the strength. They determine the weakest point. We are getting way beyond a home inspector’s analysis - I suggest getting a Simpson book and look at the recommended installations. If you find it to the contrary - write it up and move on.

Good to know, thanks.

BTW… I think they were 1/4" Tapcons.

BTW - as to guessing the uplift… it’s in the Simpson book too! LOL. All HI’s should order a manual. I think I got mine from

Even if you don’t have the manual, there is lots of useful info at…

You are 100% correct in my opinion. I see it/do it more often when we add flat roof addition to an existing property and sit the joist on the existing tie beam and the good stucco guys have no problem covering it.

I think you meant 3/16" and 1/4". Most of those straps are made for nails, so the holes are fairly small. The only tapcon that will go thru that hole, without drilling the strap, is the 3/16. Usually a 3/16 x 2 1/4" tapcon is used for these straps, and there is a min distance to maintain between fasteners in block. The manufacturer’s uplift chart will tell you how many fasteners need to be installed on each end of the strap.

The soffit will probably be horizontal, which will cover the straps on the wall.

Simpson makes a strap specifically made for this application. The holes in the strap are offset and made for 1/4" tapcons so drilling the strap is not required. There are 4 tapcons required per strap. The application shown appears to be a retrofit. Maybe someone forgot to wet set the straps or they ran out when pouring the lintel.

This is the only house on the block where this method has been applied, and here too only at the garage… Go figure.

It happens.