New construction Whats wrong?

Center girder beam with floor joists on top. Whats wrong.

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No blocking between floor joists and they might need to overlap the girder by so many inches

Whats the minimum overlap?

3". :smiley:

Missing strap tie or blocking where joist ends butt together

What’s right? That would be a better quiz.

I’m afraid to answer. I’d hate to see that photo show up in my email. So let me put it into a question;

What is the minimum bearing requirement for a floor joist?

You mean you want to get a picture of Wayne in a speedo! You are sick sick sick David. 3 inches over each end of the beam is norm.
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1-1/2". The overlap can be too much and cause a hump in the sub floor above but as long as the joist bears on the beam by 1-1/2", should be OK - No?

Blocking, strapping or cross bridging would be a good idea at some point along the span but not required at the intersection of the two joist ends.

I notice one of the sub-floor panel nails has missed the joist so do I get a speedo?

Lack of nails in beam? Should be 5 nails every sixteen. The instalatin of the floor joists appears correct so not sure what you are getting at.

It get better!

Poor grading created a lake effect under the deck so the interior band and sill looked quite funky. No deck flashing.

other issues included no connecting bolts (I didnt look too hard since the crawl was a mold farm.)

Extensive microbial growth

and lack of adequate plastic.

No brick weeps, and by the water they may should have considered

The hardwoods had a nice ripple effect from the humidity.

all wrapped up on a home built in 07 without an owner.

I looked at the girl and said “glad you got a home inspection?” :smiley:

and yes that is a corner cabnet used for the steps.

As I was admiring those beautiful custom steps with storage compartments, I noticed that the risers appear to be more than 7 ¾ inches high and that correction and further evaluation is recommended. :mrgreen:

Block pier is hollow.

Hollow piers should be capped with 4 inches of solid masonry or concrete or should have cavities of the top course filled with concrete. (It’s a code thing.)

Untreated wood sitting on block pier.

No sub-floor insulation.

Need more info. What are the dimensions of the beam?