New ConstructionTraining Info Needed

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend a good classroom course on new construction/phase inspections? I want to educate myself on them before I do any.


Are you going to be inspecting the outsides for flashing and moisturebarriers?

Proper window installation?

Don’t mind Carl, he’s got a great website and it’s all he can think of.:stuck_out_tongue:

One possibility:

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Be careful with phase construction inspections and check with your insurance provider - unless there have been some changes within the E&O insurance industry within the last few months, I don’t believe you can get insurance coverage for phase construction. There is a lot of good training out there, but not too much in the way of coverage. Some guys think that all you need is a really good contract - it may be best for your attorney to review your present contract in light of performing phase construction inspections.