New Continuing Education Page!

Hi folks,

I’d like to announce the new Continuing Education Log system we’ve designed. Go check it out!

  • Simpler interface.
  • Now organized by year!
  • More robust connection with our education server, so no credits will get lost.

great job!


Ohio Residential Inspections, LLC

Nice job. Looks great.:slight_smile:

Looks good!!! THANKS!!


This does make it very easy to see what you have and have not done.
That was a problem for me in the past


Looks good,

Is there a GRAND TOTAL?
or just each years totals?

Hello Tim:

There are many webinars that I do not count because of the hassle trying to load info into the log.
I stop doing this back in February.
Can you work on away to log companies together.
Example EDU+cast 10 credits, LEED 5 credits, ARW University 25 Credits ect.
All courses are recognized for 1 hour AIA credit.
100s of credits have not been logged by Me on my Nachi sight.:smiley:

I just happened to add a ccouple of credits today and was surprised to see the new look. It’s extremely easy to add credits now, and I like the totals by year. I think that a grand total at the bottom would be a nice addition as Steven has suggested.

Thanks Tim.