New Cooke Side by Side IR Camera Adapter - $2.00

On sale for a limited time only… :mrgreen:
New Roy Cooke Side by Side IR Camera adapter.
(you buy the parts and put it together at a cost of less than $2.00)
Thanks go to Roy Cooke, for such a great idea.

Nice price too.

Darn Canadian High Tech swiping :mrgreen:

As my Dad used to say, “If it’s stupid, but it worked, than its not stupid.”

Nice work Roy!

Market and sell for $69.99 and watch the $$$$ roll in.( Cameras not incuded, some assembly required)

Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle !!!

Sign me up!!!



Great idea!!
Did you tell everyone that you have a patent pending?

Glad to help

Like I always do open for all NACHI members to use.

RoY Cooke .
It’s cheap and works well Glad to help all

What? No Duct Tape?

1/24/08, 7:17 AM A. Andersen

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Re: After participating in yesterday’s fusion IR camera demo… I’m not too impressed.
For those that take a lot of IR scans, you can make a bar to clamp a small digital camera to the IR camera at the tripod mounts.

This doesnt deal with the fusion issue but makes “camera swapping” easier on a big job.

Hmmmmmmmm? :wink:

Roy get Nick to do a TV show and you can probally get $500.00 a pop:D

Nice job, Roy.

Market it, see what happens.

Thanks Roy,
Good idea!! IR Cooke= Inventor Roy;-)


That’s what I said!
Do you know what his response to me was, If this simple (but affective) device can help my fellow NACHI members in anyway that is all the compensation I need!! WOW!!

How much do ya wanna bet, someone takes off with his idea?


I’m a gambling man by nature,but I will not take your bet.:smiley:
I can see Flir selling this as an accessory in the near future for $29.99!!!

Flat stock is easy to get, but where do I get the 1/4 x 20 knurled “bolts”?
thanks, Peter


My Lowes around here sells them. In the nuts and bolts aisle in the pull out bins.


Hey Roy you can also make one with an adjustable slider, to fit different types of digital cameras. I have the Kodak Z712 digital and it may not fit the bracket you built ( Maybe). A sliding or 2 different hole setting, about no more than 1/4 apart will let different types of cameras fit…

Very Smart Idea Cooke…:smiley:

Awesome Roy!

I heard that FLIR just applied for the patent, and will market this device for just $149.:roll: