New cork floor has raised edges

Several panels in my new cork floor are raised causing feet, furniture and mops to catch. I am worried that in the not so distant future the panale will be badly damaged.

Anyone here familiar with the problem.

I am in Canada, Kelowna BC

Sorry I did not leave my name:

Bill Campbell

any adhered flooring that was not properly prepped and fully adhered during installation may have raised seams during the life of the product

contact the installer or manufacturer for any corrective options

Thanks Barry

The floor is floating.

My previous cork floor was floating too, but had no raised edges.

The installer and reseller told us “all square edge” cork floors are like this. I losy my faith at that point.




floating materials surface veneer delamination or irregular edges may be a mfr. defect and could be covered by warranty for replacement of the affected portions

unless you’ve abused the product or are beyond coverage period i’d contact them directly by email and start dated photo documentation if you haven’t already done so

if no response within 7-10 days send certified request receipt mail

some mfr. have local reps or inspectors that will assess your install and determine recourse if any

Thanks Barry