New custom home maintenance book for PRO-SPEX

pro-spex home maintenance book

Impress your clients with a custom home maintenance book for your business!

InterNACHI’s best-selling home maintenance book “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” is a favorite with our members. Real estate agents rave about it, and clients – especially first-time home buyers – are happily surprised when they receive one with their inspection report. It’s an add-on that adds serious value to your services, and it’s a keeper that will bring you repeat business.

Get your books customized especially for your home inspection company. We can design the front and back covers to your specs using your logo and contact information, and anything else you’d like, including photos. They’re also available in special versions for Spanish-speaking clients and for homeowners in Florida.

Give your clients peace of mind knowing they’ll have the answers at their fingertips about how to maintain their new home, and that they can contact you when they need you without having to look for your business card.

Learn more about customizing InterNACHI’s home maintenance book.

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