New Custom Online Video Ad for Charles Bottger of Freedom Express Inspections

New custom online video ad for Charles Bottger of Freedom Express Inspections produced by InterNACHI.



Thanks Ben you actually pronounced my last name correct. I won’t tell no one that you guys had to call me to get it correct:D

I liked the video on Youtube for you Charley.

Is that the correct way to say your last name? If so then the last line of your video would apply here…now I know.

Yes Ben did good he got the name correct:mrgreen:

Nice, Charley, now I hope they get caught up soon. I got mine on July 7, but want the city name changed before I display it.

They said they can’t change it till they get caught up on orders.

Nice, I’ll have to make a mental note of that in case I am ever fortunate enough to meet you in person.

I would hate to “butcher” your name Mr. Botcher…there, now it’s locked away.:wink:

There ain’t one gawl durn Red Hat in da whole dang thing!? :twisted:

I don’t care how Ben, or whomever, pronounced it, it will always be Bottger to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video and the voice is awesome, although I must admit I like the female voice in my video better… :smiley:

There is no “pizzazz” in those videos. They need more excitement/energy.

Both the male and female voices sound mealy mouthed and need better pronunciation.

(not just this one, but all of them)


Carl, that’s something on your end (maybe a bad connection or speakers). The pronunciation couldn’t be better in this one… it’s spectacular, super clear pronunciation. Listen to it again:

We all agree with you Kevin. We tried a new voice over fella for this one. He sounds (in a potential client’s mind) like a competent inspector. We also ran the voice over through a sound engineer who tweaked it. We don’t want excitement like a “sales-ee” product ad, we want the male voice overs to sound as if it might even be the home inspector himself speaking. Calm. Assured. Professional engineer-like.

That was Ben’s voice and you just called him mealy mouthed we are not selling used cars !!!

You’ve said this once before. Like it’s my fault. I’m just offering an opinion of what I hear. What/With I “hear” I’m not impressed with the pronunciation or the energy/excitement of the ads.


You know what the ads sound like? It’s like whoever it was in some INACHI video for a presentation saying…“I’m a home inspector…I arrive on time…Um…I’m thorough…um, i arrive on time…” Etc… and then say, DON’T BE LIKE THIS. They sound VERY BORING.


… and calm, like a professional engineer would sound.

If you want Billy Mays, you probably aren’t going to talk our Marketing Department into doing it for you. Our Marketing Department is pretty good at refusing to do what members ask… or else every logo would have an eagle, a magnifying glass, 3 initials under a roof drawing, American flags or some combination of all four in hyper-bright, primary colors. :wink:

Oh, i do agree with that 100%. Why should I get what I ask/pay for. :slight_smile:


If you want to get exactly what you want, our Marketing Department isn’t your source for anything. I hear them all day telling members “no.”

Exactly my point. “The customer is always wrong at Planet InterNachi” :slight_smile:


“If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.” - Henry Ford

And yet, to this modern day, horse breeders are still looking for that. I guess they are wrong too.