New Custom Online Video Ad for David Lightner of Home Pride Home Inspection Services

InterNACHI produced a new custom online video ad for David Lightner of Home Pride Home Inspection Services at

Order yours today at

Guess you posted to be open to opinions good or negative?
Sorry but i thing thats the cheapest thing I’ve seen in a while. Looks like something done with 10 year old technology.
You guys knock the ball out in many many ways but in this arena i think the bull won.
Sorry but my honest opinion.

I think it’s really good. It doesn’t work instantly though, the SEO effect takes about 60 days or so. The first videos we created for members have already passed the inspector’s own websites in search rank. Google uses voice recognition software to listen to the video’s script. Google owns YouTube btw. It also works to sell the inspector. When the viewer is done watching it, there is only one thing burned into his/her brain… I’ve found the right inspector.

I know, you want color photos in it. :wink:

So its more an SEO tool? That would buy it some grace

Yes, custom videos we produce are great for your SEO. Therefore, you may want to consider adding a video about your business, in addition to the videos on your homepage that are promoting things other than your business.

Good point. SEO is over my pay grade thats why i have a HIP site. Its done very well but sounds like you are saying this will help. Need to do some web site adjusting and consider this.

It’s an insane SEO boost. After you order though, I personally go through the script which Google listens to, using voice-recognition software. The script is everything, so I might adjust it in a way that sounds odd (and maybe a bit repetitive) to you, but still natural. And the most important part of your script is the description of your market area (town or city or whatever), so make sure we get that right.

Good deal