New Custom Online Video Ad for Jared Nelson of Florida State Home Inspectors

A new custom online video ad has been produced for InterNACHI member Jared Jared Nelson of Florida State Home Inspectors at

Order yours at


The 3D, see-through vision is totally sick! I love it!

It’s kind of like looking at a home through an inspector’s eyes.

That video is sharp!:cool:

Very Nice Guys!!! Well worth the wait!!!

Jared, looks like you got the first 3D, see-through vision video. I like it because the effect is so inspection related.

Very nice Jared. Congrats!


very nice

Very nice. Much better than the ones you had been making.

Thanks to Nick and Erik and everyone at InterNachi that made this happen!!

Again, Awesome Video!!!

Very nice,
Short and sweet!:smiley:

Very Nice!

Thanks Guys!!!