New custom online video ad produced for Duane Frame of Frame Enterprise

New custom online video ad produced for Duane Frame of Frame Enterprise.

Order your custom online video for your inspection business today.


**Mine was ordered oct 25. Still waiting…


**Custom Video Ad New Order (#19929) **



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Dear Mark:

Thank you for your purchase of the Custom Online Video Ad to Help Promote Your Inspection

Hi, Mark. I apologize for any delay that you’re experiencing. I’ll check in with the production folks and see what is going on with your video. Make sure you check for an email real soon, which will include everyone involved in your video project. Thank you.

You mispronounced the city name…It is Ravenna…Ra sounds like the RU in Russ…Phonetically it is RUVENNA, Ohio…

I’ll take a look, Russell. Thanks.

Thanks Russell. We instruct/permit members to phonetically spell out any word they want pronounced a certain way in our order form. For example: Chrysler = cry + slur. Otherwise, we take our best shot at it. These video ads are primarily for SEO boosting so Google transfers them all back to the script text.

Mark, I see we interacted with you on January 27 and I also see that your video ad is in final editing today so it should be up/live by tonight.