New design blower door system from Retrotec

Here is the new offering from Retrotec. The other systems are still super rugged and durable, but due to so many agencies buying doors in bulk they wanted to make one that was super heavy duty and designed to do 3 plus audits a day, while getting tossed around in the back of a truck.

Retrotec US1000


I have heard the same thing, but some of the energy tool resellers were saying Minneapolis Blower Doors were starting to get into Retrotec wallets pretty seriously by offering big discounts to state agencies and certified EA. I know I got a Model 3 with software a lot cheaper because of my BPI certification and being part of a state program such as Efficiency Kansas (EK). The EK program brought over 25 Minneapolis units to provide to thier trainers and quality control personnel. Other state program are following this track as well.
Competition is a good thing…

Neither manufacturer should really care much about the US market. They both sell 10x as much overseas as here. The rest of the world is way ahead of us in this realm and I doubt that is going to change much until the “soft” money stops flowing in to politicians pockets.

As far as the USA goes, it is the opposite of your scenario. Retrotec was not in the weatherization industry at all until a few years ago. TEC was 95% market share with Infiltec being the other 5%. From what I know it is approx 50/50 now a days and Infiltec fills in some voids. When a manufacturer has to discount to move its product line it may look like a good thing on the surface, but in reality there is probably a reason they have to do that to move product. There is a reason mechanics buy Snap On Tools, electricians buy Fluke meters, etc…despite the fact that way cheaper hand tools and meters are available.