New design out of beta

Hey everyone,

First off, happy Independence Day! We just took the new site design out of beta. Let us know in this thread if you notice any bugs. The forum is only partially switched over—it’s loading the new “shell” but we haven’t made the full redesign live. (Expect that in the next couple of weeks.)

The new design is lightweight and leverages the latest web technologies. That means that the site is going to be a little faster, a little cleaner, and a little more consistent in look-and-feel. It also means that the site is fully responsive—open it up on your iPhone or Android and it’ll squeeze down nicely. The current forum design isn’t fully responsive yet, but that’s coming soon!

This new design will also allow us to do a bunch of interesting things in the future. This is the first step towards making the site a little easier to navigate, and keeping all the pieces of the site consistent. Our exam and education systems will be migrated over to the new site in the coming months, for example.

We’re really happy with the new design, and we’re excited about the new features it will let us quickly add in the future. I hope y’all enjoy it, too!


Looks real good, refreshing. Kudos Chris.

Looks better on a mobile device too!!!

I didn’t notice any changes until I switched away from minimal which remains my preferred way to veiw the site.

it seems to lack color. Im wondering if it will be considered a racist move. :slight_smile:

looks good and does seem faster to load

Is it just my computer or is it smaller now.?..To me it seems harder to read and pictures seem to open up too small to make much out…

Personally don’t care for it. Too much white. The inch to the left of the main column is a waste of space. Would much rather have a slightly larger font in a darker or bolder blue. Can we choose the old style or are we stuck with this one?

White is very hard on the eyes and causes more fatigue. But then again since I leave my computer on all the time it can replace my night light.:mrgreen:

Need more contrast between threads that have been read and threads that are new or have new posts.

You can choose minimal version at bottom of page, as Mike suggested. That helps eliminate the “wasted” white space.

The following line in my signature used to be italicized, it is no longer,* italics* do not seem to be working correctly.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

I agree with all that. Too much wasted white space and the main text cells are smaller. This is no good, I would revert to old site and go back to the drawing board. You broke what wasn’t broken.


ahhh minimal is better …thank You …

The porridge is too hot, the porridge is too cold, you ruined the porridge that was just right :slight_smile:

How’s the bed you’ve chosen? :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

For the time-being you can revert back to the old forum style by going to the bottom of any page and choosing the “2008” style. You’ll also notice that this is called the “2013 Interim” style because we’re working on a larger overhaul. This design is essentially the old version, but with a new frame. The “Beta” style is still in the works, but it’ll bring in some of the nicer features of the site’s overall new design.

That said, we’ll be tweaking the redesign over the next 3-4 weeks based on member feedback.


I like the old style… in almost everything:

I’m adverse to change I guess. Where’s my Coca-Cola Classic?

Chris now no matter which version you choose the back off ice area is all wacked out with the off size tables and when you print a report it come out all funky. Very embarrassing to clients.


I love the new design

Here you go Nick;,TopRight,0,0_AA342_SH20.jpg