New direction.

We all must fight the good fight, been somewhat in your shoes I took 42 rounds of Radiation treatment for Prostrate cancer two years ago. My wife beat T-cell Lymphoma 25 years ago with a bone marrow transplant and full body radiation. 5 years ago she beat breast cancer. Good luck with your health and your new direction:D


This is intended to be nothing more than a change. Also, its a chance for me to use my estimating experience, Although some inspectors don’t believe estimating is a skill, it is an important part of some real estate transactions.

42 rounds of radiation is a lot. Been there, just starting to shake off the effects recently. I’m walking with a cane and couldn’t figure a safe way to use it on roofs greater than 6/12.:mrgreen:

Better stick to flat roofs Paul.
I am using a cane to due to my hip and I have a hard time on flat ground. ;):slight_smile:

Glad to hear that Charlie , My daughter just went a second operation and treatment in 5 years . hopefully she is on the good side now . so far so good .

I hope she is also the, big C changes your attitude towards life

Yes, it does. In more ways than one.