New Directors...Please join me in Congartulating Them!

FloridaNACHI, the NACHI State Chapter for Florida is proud to announce the following new Directors which will join FloridaNACHI as we seek to complete our Board Of Directors:

  • Jay Schwartz - Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Greg Bell - Director of Standards and Ethics
    Florida has has crossed over the 1,250 mark and is growing faster than any other NACHI State.

FloridaNACHI is still looking for candidates that would be willing to serve in the following positions:

  1. Director Of Chapter Development
  2. Director Of Marketing
  3. Director Of Member Services
  4. Director Of Finances
  5. Secretary
    If you are a Member of NACHI and reside in Florida, and if you feel that you would like to serve in one of these positions and join us in this Incredible Venture, please email me with the position you would like to serve in.

Remember that:

  1. These positions are Board positions and you will be required to serve, not just have a title.
    *]You will be responsible for assisting in establishing the method by which the Florida Members will vote you out.
    Once again, congratulations to Greg and to Jay…thank you both for “stepping up”. I am humbled and proud to serve along side of each of you!