New Disconnect

This pic was taking inside a new AC disconnect… Tkae a look at the wire on the right, notice the corrosion and discoloration… How would you write up this condition or would you not write it up?

I always write up corroded conductors.

something like:

“copper conductor is corroded. recommend a licensed electrical professional find source of corrosion and repair/replace”

simple…write it up for what it is, recommend repair, and move on.

From the picture it looks like the insulation is melted too. I would certainly write up for a sparky to correct.

Thanks, I appreciate the input… You guys always solidify things for me…

Screw looks loose and has caused heat build up.

That would be my guess - a loose connection. This should absolutely be called out.


Not only would absolutely write this up, but I would flag it as a fire hazard that should be immediately addressed.