New discount for InterNACHI members (50% off Taxbot)

Hey everyone,

I just finalized the details of another great discount for InterNACHI members. Members get 50% off Taxbot, a small business tax tool that helps you track your expenses and save on your business taxes.

There are two reasons why I was excited to work with Taxbot when they approached us:

  1. Their software automatically tracks mileage using the GPS in your smartphone. This is a tax deduction opportunity that every home inspector should be using, and Taxbot makes it incredibly easy to do.
  2. A Taxbot subscription gets you access to a huge library of small business tax advice, given by Sandy Botkin, a former IRS trainer. Education is a huge part of InterNACHI, and I think Sandy’s videos are a phenomenal resource for our members.

You can get your discount by going to: — it comes with a money-back guarantee, and is available in the US and Canada. Give it a shot, watch some of the videos, and try out the app for a month. If they don’t help you save a ton on your business taxes, just cancel and get your money back.



Guess I better get rid of the old phone.

That one runs apps, right?

Big Brother is always watching!

Well I signed up on about 3/28 and found it very interesting and gave it a try, I think it could be a helpful program for my taxes but decided to cancel after 5 days until I was going to be able to go thru the all of the tutorials, when I contacted them and asked the account be closed they said it was closed and I would not be charged in the future when I asked if I was getting my 9.99 refunded due to their statement (I would not be charged in the future) they told me I had paid for the monthly use and would not have seen a bill again till 4-15-2013 just 2 weeks after signing up. I had a very difficult time getting them to finally state that my account was closed and it was not until I said I was going to post on the INACHI forum about the difficulties I encountered that they replied that I would be getting the refund due to my 30 day cancellation guarantee and I would see it in 5 days. I hate that I had to fight for 9.99 but this seems to be like so many other companies doing business now days. Just want to make you all aware of this and make sure you look at all of the tutorials and talk to others using it before you sign up.

They do not have a third party option such as PayPal?
That is a deal killer as I never use auto pay for anything for that very reason.

Looks like a great program, and the videos are great. I am sure it will save me the ton of headaches next year that I am dealing with this year as I do my taxes :frowning:


I’ll get in touch with my contacts over there and find out what the deal is. Obviously, we don’t want to promote a service that doesn’t treat our members well.

I hope we can get this sorted out, though, because I think Taxbot could be a great tool for our members (I’m certainly signing up).


I just spoke to Taxbox, and they explained the situation. All new sign-ups get a 14-day free trial. Because you cancelled your account within that free trial, your credit card was never charged.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that even though your account was cancelled, you still have access to it until the end of the month (in case you need to download data or reports). The person you spoke with must’ve explained that in an awkward way, perhaps implying that you would be charged at the end of that month. Taxbot is making sure that this confusion won’t happen again in the future.

Let me know if you run into any other issues. Like I said, it’s very important to us that vendors treat our members in the best way possible.

Sandy B has saved me a ton of money over the years. This new app will make saving much easier.

Going there via the InterNachi link yields the same price as just going to the regular website. Is the deal over?


1/2 off:

Same price.


Hm. Let me talk to Chris about that.


That appears to be another discount code. When you go to it shows $19.99 per month:


Did the discount get take away, or do we to enter a promo code during check out? I don’t see the 50% off deal for TaxBot ? Please check the link to verify or advise on when the discount will be taken off ?
I went to shows 50% off on the website, yet reflect same price as regular site?
Please advise,

This is False advertising… the public actually get it for 1cent cheaper than NACHI members.

Here is the retail price of $19.99:
InterNACHI members pay $10: = 9.99 A month or $99 A year

Through the NACHI channels it is 10.00. I see where through your link nick it says 19.99 at the end of the day, but Taxbot does not advertise 19.99… they advertise 9.99 on the commercial website.

I am going through this trouble because I bought through the NACHI channels. Then was told I am on a trial, password and user name don’t work etc. My fault for not looking around… but seriously… Nick - = 9.99 is what I see when I look at it. Not another website, their main site.