New Dji Small drone Spark

Anyone else excited about the New DJI spark. I am. We fly a few different drones from the inspire to the phantom. But they all take time to set up and i find at most inspections I’m moving to fast. The new spark has fast set up decent pictures obstacle avoidance and its cheap. I preorded one already.

Looks great - just like all of their other drones they keep coming out with. I would worry a little about the 16 minute flight time because I think the low battery warning probably starts going off after about 10 minutes, but at half the price of the Mavic Pro, it is tempting. Like most new technologies, I like to hang out a little behind and check reviews and maybe find a good used one from someone who has to have the latest and greatest, or they are clearing out the older version to make way for the latest model. I look forward to checking out YouTube after they’re shipped!

Right, it does not even have 16 minutes flight time, they are generous with that, also camera sucks, the Mavic is up in no time, much better camera. 20 minute flight time. Seems like having a few good drones you would see that.

The spark is basically a self drone, you will loose it 50 ft up in the wind.

Yep, it’s a flying cell phone camera… Not a great drone for our applications.

It’s very small and the camera is “basic”…

Problem is it’ll probably pull a “Dorothy” once you get past the eaves and most of the power in your cells will have to be used to try to bring it back…

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Mavic is up and flying in about 60 seconds, with 27 min battery and great pics. Use it when I can and really have fun.

How bad is the FAA commercial drone license course? I have heard mixed reviews…

I’d stick with the Mavic. 26 minute flight time, better camera, a little more weight to stabilize in the wind, etc. It easily collapses and is up and flying in seconds.