New dog

He’s a picture of my daughter and her new dog, Nachi. I suggested it but didn’t think she’d take the suggestion. Lot’s of free advertising for Nachi when he runs away. I hope I didn’t break any trademarks :slight_smile: She’s under 18 so I guess it would be a misdemenor?

Kinda looks like Ben! :wink:

Lhasa Apso?

Hey! They both part their hair in the middle :D. Cute, both of them!:wink:

Gesundheit !!!


Thats Funny… Lets home someone does not confuse that with Natzi.

I named by jackass “ASHI.” :wink:

Is he Realtor friendly? :wink:

Yes, and wants to race in the Kentucky Derby even though he’s never fulfilled any entrance requirements. What a jackass. LOL.