New Drone for inspections

Im pretty much addicted to drones . I own most of the top brands. But today dji changed everything with this one. Fast foldable and easy to fly with obstacle avoidance. The dji mavic sounds like the ultimate tool the job.

OOOOOO … I want one!. May be selling my DJI 3 Adv. Will check out the specs.

Okay, had to have it. Just submitted an order and will get it in mid Oct. Will let you know how it works. Looks unfriggin believable.
Any body want a Phantom 3? May be selling it.

LOL, That didn’t take long. Looking forward to that review. That thing looks pretty compact. I was about to spring for P4, maybe I’ll wait.

Delayed gratification is WAAAY overrated.

I cant wait to see it in action. Ive talked myself out of it the last 3 days im going to buy it for christmas lol. Maybe thanksgiving.

Has anyone expanded their services to offer drone videos for realtors? If so what kind of pricing and packages do you offer?

I have. The prices are generally about 150 a house. But it helps market your business. Agents that lilke your drone work use you for inspections ive done a few houses for free and everytime i got atleast one inspection from it.

Matt, Happy Monday, I thought of a possible marketing tool for you with the drones? What if you send the buyer a nice 8x11 framed Arial photo of the house as a little welcome gift and thank you for using your services??

I remember buying a picture of my child hood home from a door to door guy who had pictures that were taken way back when they were doing power line/gas line inspections from planes? It is something I still have to this day.

Definitely didnt think of that. But im going to try that out. If they buy the house im sure it would be pretty cool.

Or sell it to the Realtor for a closing gift for their clients. That may make some great money. $30.00 a piece or something.

I’ve already ordered the Mavic Pro. I’ll review it as soon as it arrives!

Took the FAA test today and failed it.

Was not prepared at all for the amount of chart questions, about 60%.

Be sure you know how to thoroughly read aviation charts before taking the test.

Me too Dom. We can compare notes.

Other than recording and taking the pictures of the roof, what other business aspects we can utilise it?

You can also use it for practice time if you’re going to join the Drone Racing League on EPSN :smiley: . I’m working on helping a local high school get involved in that right now!

Mavic and the GoPro drone are gonna be game changers for inspectors just on the fact that they’re so much more portable being able to fold up and having small controllers vs the DJI Phantoms. Looking forward to getting one but gonna wait till black friday or xmas sales as I know they’ll go down some.

The only thing is the control, specially in windy day

Check out some videos on YouTube. The DJI drones are pretty good in windy conditions. They have great cameras so that you don’t have to get in that close. I have the Phantom 3 Standard, which doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, so I’m pretty stoked that this little Mavic has included that feature.

I’m just starting out as an inspector. I have offered to include aerial pictures of a home for seller inspections that they can use for marketing purposes. Time will tell if that works for me as a marketing tool.


I don’t think we can utilise it more than taking the pictures of the roof. I would think using it to sell eye bird view of the house to a real estate agent(s).