New ED for NACHI Canada named

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In response to the explosive growth of membership in Canada, NACHI has decided to appoint an Executive Director to oversee our Canadian Membership and the Chapters. Cam Allen has graciously accepted this volunteer position effective immediately. Cam was one of the founding members of NACHI-ECO, is the present Secretary-Treasurer and currently conducts our Heritage Homes Training Seminar. He was a founding member of the OAHI Kingston Chapter and sat on the OAHI Provincial Board as Treasurer. Cam has been in the home inspection business for over 6 years, and having a good understanding of the home inspection industry in Canada, will be tasked with providing NACHI-Canada with a coherent voice, and with ensuring that our Canadian Members’ interests are developed and protected.

Cam has recommended that a Canadian Advisory Board be formed immediately with representatives from each chapter. An executive office, designed to support the needs of the Canadian membership will be organized by months end. A teleconference will be conducted within the next two weeks to establish the advisory board in Canada. Cam will be in contact with the executive and directors of the NACHI Foundation, the Consumer Recovery Fund and Home Inspector Defense Fund to determine how the new advisory board can help.

This reflects our strong commitment to our Canadian NACHI membership and continued growth in Canada