New Energy Auditing Forum

Hey all, got an update for ya… we have just started up a forum for energy auditors, weatherization contractors, HVAC/R contractors, BPI, RESNET, HERS, LEEDS or just general contractors. It’s for anyone interested in green building really.

Please understand that we fully promote and are not trying to steal traffic, however starting a new forum is not easy, but we feel this new board can benefit alot of contractors as well as some of you on this board. So anyone who has the extra time, and is interested, please come over and share your thoughts, experiences, etc. and help our community grow.

Please understand that Chris just built this site from scratch and put alot of work into it, but there’s not alot of posts(if any at all), so it’s counting on new content and your support… and don’t be hesitant to login to become a member. We don’t give out email, or any info to anyone.

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Nice MB, but I can’t keep up with this many MB’s…

I don’t see any sections for Canadian specifiec content. Will this be added?

Good idea Rodney. I am just guessing off the top of my head, is the HERS equilivant up there called CanRan? I don’t think I am spot on with that name but close.

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Ok, been added. Thanks for the suggestion.