New energy inspection brochures: "While I'm Here..."

New energy inspection brochures: "While I’m Here…"

SO. Where you going?

The “While I’m Here…” brochure is designed to be handed to your client at the time of the inspection. **Inspector: **When inspecting the HVAC system, I’d say to my client, who would be standing with me, “Do you know how much this is going to cost you to operate after you move in?”

Client: “No. What do you mean?”

Inspector: Hand the brochure to your client and say, “Well, take a look at this brochure while I’m here inspecting the HVAC system. It takes a lot to heat and cool a home, and my Home Energy Report, customized for this home, will help you save money by saving energy.”

**Training: **

Home Energy Report:

duh I missed that one. Thanks Ben

What is the home energy book?

Send some please !

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Looks super nice. Ya guys do that all in house?

The InterNACHI Home Energy Book is a 14,000-word ebook that your client can freely access through their Home Energy Report you generate for them.

You generate a Home Energy Report, and the report comes with a free ebook. Cool stuff.

Generate a report right now at, and check out the book.

I like the idea of marketing while you are there. My fear though, is that you will find things outside the standard scope of an inspection and before you know it, the buyer is amending his contract up the wazoo to make it more energy efficient. Then the agent gets po’ed starts bad mouthing you and dumps your name…Or, folks start wanting you to scan things (but not a full energy inspection) for free–since you have the cool tool anyways…

client: “hey can you just look at that skylight or how about just that one window…”

It might be hard to keep them on focus during the inspection–sometimes its hard enough without the additional distraction!

I just see so many ways this can go wrong at the actual inspection.

I fully plan to market it as a separate service however. Any chance of tweaking the wording to make it clear its a separate item maybe after they have taken possession?

I understand your concern.

However, the Home Energy Report recommends only UPGRADES.

And because upgrades are not negotiable, the report will not be a stumbling block to the closing.