New enrgy star rated home

Built in 2015. Owner has gone through over 800 gallons of propane since November.

We did a blower door test and it failed at 11.75 ACH.

Next step is a meeting with contractors, this should get interesting.

Energy star (2).jpg

Energy star.jpg

:shock: Let us know how it turns out.

Any guesses on the roof anomalies, other than heat loss.

Side attics and a small flat attic space above so the anomalies are the wall space to roof joists. Is there a bathroom in the middle in the 1st image.

Here’s a little back ground info. This is a modular that was installed with the second floor unfinished. The buyer had the second floor finished, there is no access to the attic or eaves. The heat loss observed at the roof is unknown at this point but is in the area where the roof comes hinged. Heat loss in the middle of the roof is directly over the second floor stairway.

We talked to the code enforcement officer who said permits were pulled but no finial inspections or CO.

This home should have easily tested 7 ACH or below (code for 2012 IECC). My recommendation is to provide access to the attic and eaves, meet with all parties involved and determine a solution.