New Entrance Exam

Much better, Kudos Chris. :smiley:

It would seem I suck at plumbing 79% :frowning:

Hey Chris,

Can you install or enable a print feature for the final score and reference area?

From my POV - the exam needs a little editing. I found some of the questions misleading, and certainly from a Canadian perspective - slightly unfair to the non-US inspectors. Some of the wording slightly misleading or in a couple of cases poorly worded. Hopefully, this may be Canadianized in the near future.

The other area of concern raised is certainly there are new areas expanding - but radon is an environmental issue. I also found the number of questions dealing with radon and WDO a little much considering - radon and WDO are not part of the SOP.

Typically my experience is leave those or refer those to specialist. That is not take away the need for “general” knowledge in those areas.

Overall the exam setup itself is extremely well done from the IT perspective.

I’ll look into it. Printing is disabled on the rest of the exam, but it does make sense to enable it on the final page.


Great job! :slight_smile:

I’ve taken several online exams similar to this (MCSE exams), couple of suggestions.

  1. If you need to make it harder, do not allow user to go back or mark the question to answer later,
  2. Once you begin the clock starts and if you don’t complete the exam in alloted time frame, “to bad, so sad, your dad:frowning:
  3. If needed shorten the time.
  4. No repeat of the same question, seemed like I had two questions repeated.

And I agree with the easier the question, the bigger the penalty for getting it wrong.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Indeed, it looks real good Chris!..:smiley:

Maybe once you get things ironed out, a feature that would be great would be a real basic regionlization. Enter your state and, for instance the states that have radon (not us) would have a few of those type questions or those that have to do WDO (us) would have a few of those. Florida - Not too many ice dam or frost heave questions and more AC… Canada - fewer AC…well you get the picture.

We actually have localization built into the system, but haven’t utilized it on this particular exam. Perhaps over time we’ll start to evaluate each question on a per-region basis.

Took the test again this morning and got a 95%.
What would be nice to know is what or which ones did I get wrong. It kind of tee’s me off and mad at my self to find out I got a 100% in HVAC and 80% in Structure.

Jae W. pointed out of course he got a 100% in HVAC and now I look bad because I should have got an 80% in HVAC and 100% in structure.
Jae, I have always said you are smarter than you look, and funny too. ha. ha.

Where did I go wrong.?? Must have been a trick question. ha. ha.

Chris; Good job.

Nice format! It would be nice to know which questions go to each section for review purpose. Took it 3 times trying to find out which ones I got wrong in safety and structure.

I like it. Very user friendly.

Worked pretty good. I’m not sure the “go back” works right but I only tried it once.

BTW - I assume we can now use this as our annual exam requirement …yes?

I tried to print the final result page but what came out of the printer was:
‘Please do no print this page’. Yes, do no.
One question asked about something being superior. But superior in what regard?
I’m soon to have to take my annual test, since I just did do I have to again when its due? Will I be asked to take it then?

I took the test and only got 90%. I, like Marcel, only got 80% on structure. Can’t figure that one out.
I like the format though and everything worked fine for me.

How true that has been for me. I’m lucky I took the time to study radon, termites and mold because I constantly field questions about them from customers and realtors, even though I make it clear that I don’t offer those services (I do have an EPA sponsored class/ exam for radon measurement in a few weeks). Plus, understanding these “extra-curriculars” is an indication that an inspector is more than just about the being the bare-*** minimum.:cool:

Chris, Nice work! The exam was easy to follow and worked fine for me.

The new format is excellent. I see we still need to work on the wording of many questions!

Good Job, Chris!

I found I could print the Review Your Answers page without any problem. I like that so I can review the questions later to find out where I goofed.

I did not like the fact that I could not print the Congratulations page. It makes no sense to me to write down my Unique Session Code. It makes it too easy to lose it and not know what it is for in the future. I was able to copy & paste to word to print it though.

I am on dial-up and found that the pages take longer to load then the old version. Today my connection was quite fast too. The old version of the test I was able to complete in less time. There was a difference of about 10 min. That is a large difference.

Took the test today. Found the format similar to the NHIE, like it. Does need some wording corrections. Was able to print the Congratulations page, right click, select all, copy and paste to a word doc.

The congratulations page has been fixed so you can print it.