New EPA draft Radon Documents we need your Input


**The EPA has developed a draft document entitled “RADON IN YOUR HOME: PROTECT YOUR FAMILY” that consolidates the information contained in their existing three consumer publications: **[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]***A Citizen’s Guide to Radon, *Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon, Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction. They have asked major stakeholders, including the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), to comment on this draft. **

**Being on the front lines, we all see radon testing problems ranging from misinformation to fraud. We now have a unique opportunity to help to make things better. Since most home inspectors derive a significant portion of our income from radon testing and all home inspectors are concerned with home health and safety, it is important that home inspectors comment on this important document that will affect our businesses for years to come. **

Please read this draft and email your comments back to me by FRIDAY MAY 2, 2008 Do so by opening the attached WORD document, typing in your comments, then sending it back to me as an attachment. I will consolidate your comments and forward them to AARST. My email address is