New faces and breaking the ice

What are some of your tips for breaking the ice / “establishing rapport” when you meet clients and agents?

Name some of your best home inspector jokes!

No jokes, just be yourself.

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remember to wear pants…


You can be polite but take control.
Hello, nice to meet you, this is how things are about to go down.

Your bedside manner will come thru as you give them your walk thru summary. Just be chill, monotone, even if things are safety issues. Calmly tell them why.

Sounds like a bank robbery :upside_down_face:


From the voice of experience…


“Have you ever seen the movie Money Pit with Tom Hanks?”

Agents get a kick out of that one.


Really tough question to answer… kind of like asking how to make someone like you. It’s not really something a person can “learn” other than just life experience. Agents are no different than anyone else. My wife used to always tell our inspectors that we’ll get you a “first date” with an agent but it’s up to you to get the next one. It sounds like you’ve already realized that part of it but I always thought that was a good way to look at it.

If I had to give a direct answer I’d say be in a good mood. Be upbeat, happy and positive. People really feed of that and appreciate it. There’s nothing worse than “Debbie-downer”. Even when going over very negative inspection findings I remain positive and optimistic that a solution is possible (even when I know it’s extremely unlikely). Our job is to present findings. How people react is up to them. Don’t react for them.

I’ve got a ton of advice like this in my book (referenced in my signature below). I’ve got more copies than I’ll likely ever sell (do HIs read?) and am happy to send you one for free. Just PM me your address.


a guy dedicates his whole adult life to a trade and nobody seems to notice…but forget to wear Your pants to work just one time and everybody has something to say…


Always carry a small ice cooler that holds a 6-pak. Offer them a beer and a joint … Breaks the ice

And for those that don’t drink, carry Dove bars on dry ice…the ice cram and chocolate…NOT the soap. LOL!

I was told by a old friend of mine that an inspector sponsored a golf hole and was told “DOVE” bars could be a hit. So, he brought the Dove soap.

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well hell, if I had know you were giving them away… :wink: Bought mine on Amazon, was a well articulated good read…thanks, Matt.

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I’m guessing dove soap on a golf course would be real poplar…

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