New Feature Added to Fee Calculator

Hi folks -

Based on a member request, I’ve added a new feature to the fee calculator. Now, when your suggested fee is shown, you’ll see a line-item list of the costs that go into the estimate. If you like to show these details to your client, you can easily copy the table and paste it into an email message or document.

To learn more about InterNACHI’s fee calculator, go to:


Cool! Thanks Tim!



I like it! Thanks Tim.

This is what the format could look like - sell 'em right over the email :smiley:
The default is set at 0.04 sq ft. Give yourself & this industry a raise & set it at 0.08 sq ft

Hi Katherine!
Thanks for considering me to perform your home inspection.
I understand & respect this is an important transaction & promise
to give it my very best effort. I have performed over 9000 inspections.
The inspection includes the State Statutory Termite & Wind Mitigation Insurance
reports and an extensive labeled picture file.

I use a fee calculator from the International Assoc of Certified Home Inspectors (see below).
It came out to $735.00.
The calculator does not include the termite & WindMit, but it is included at no additional fee.
I have attached the permit search as a courtesy. Looks like a wonderful home.

Thank you for your trust & business.
Marc A. Goldenberg 954-326-2679
State Certified Inspector License #HI1365
State Certified Mold Assessor License #MRSA1573
State Certified Termite Contractor #2446
Certified Home Inspector NACHI HIF
Certified Air Quality Specialist IAC2 EAA
Certified Environmental~Mold Inspector NACHI EAA Pro-Lab
Certified 4 Point Insurance Inspector Citizens Insurance
Certified FEMA Disaster Housing Inspector

Home Inspection Fee Calculator
Your suggested bid for this job should be about:
Base Price $300.00
Size of House 4686 square feet
Distance (one way) 24 miles
Mileage Factor $2.00/mile
Age of House 4 years

Calculate a Fee
How many miles will you have to drive (one way) to get to the property? 24
How old is the home? 4 in years
How large is the home? 4686 in square feet
How busy are you? about average
Base Price $300.00
Mileage $2.00 /mile
Age $1.80 /year
Size $0.08 /ft²

Can this fee calculator be added directly to a website or do you have a preferred calculating tool for websites?

Cannot be added to your website.
Figure it out, copy & paste the results in your message.