New Feature for the Agreement System


Based on a member’s suggestion, we updated a part of the agreement system. Now, when you’re editing an agreement, it will not allow you to leave the page without warning you that your changes won’t be saved. You can either choose to go ahead or to stay on the page.

This fixes problems where a member could be writing an agreement, then accidentally clicks a link and loses their work. Keep sending us suggestions on how to make our system better!

Try it out:


Good idea Tim. I noticed that earlier.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Nice job Tim

The agreement system is great. Thanks for everything you guys do.

How about an area to upload your license information (photo or copy of state license), for those that are required to provide it before inspection? Might work just like the option to upload your logo. Just thinking out loud. :wink:

Hi Samuel -

We’ve talked about doing that, so I’ll take a look again at it. In the meantime, you can of course include any image in your template with html code, if you have it hosted on your site. It will parse any image code for you, so you can completely customize it.


I’ve wondered if there is a way to have text formatting / bold etc?

Would html <b></b> work for text formatting as stated above for other functions?

Hi Tim,

Yes, it will. We intentionally kept the system very easy to format so that web-savvy inspectors could do any customization they wanted to do, while making it easy and simple for inspectors who don’t have that kind of experience.

Is there a way to change the appearance of your logo if it’s included? If I include my logo and you view the agreement on a mobile device it throws everything off.

Hi Chip,

My email is Send me a screenshot of how it looks and what you want to change - I’ll help you work something out.


Thanks again Tim