New Federal home inspector legislation proposed. Includes grandfathering clause.

The new federal legislation (first federal home inspection legislation) would prohibit new inspectors from using a home inspection business logo that depicts a magnifying glass looking at a house. Stock clipart images in logos would also be prohibited nationwide.


Nick, it’s not April. Nor is it the 1st.

This must have been Trump’s idea.

Have you heard about a new law in California where inspectors will have to be contracted like appraisers? Heard a realtor talking about it today. She said someone else told her.

The internachi team did a great job creating my logo. Fortunately I’m not a new inspector.

Would someone
please explain this, first I have heard of it


Oh brother! Trump could walk across the Potomac River, deliver the cure for cancer… and the left’s report on it would be… “Trump can’t swim, puts million’s of doctors and nurses out of work”. SAD :roll:

How is it that a joke post about branding turns political in just 6 posts?


#3 by my mickey
some don’t understand nfe

Post proof. More rumors.

You are grandfathered :wink: