New Federal inspection law goes into effect February 2009.


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Hey Nick,
Already seen this NIFAST video. :smiley: Good Stuff !!!

Do you have more info on the Federal Law? :shock: :eek: :shock:


It pertains (allegedly) with a requirement for college students to take a mandatory fire safety course. To my knowledge, there is no federal inspection law for 2009.

Nothing against NIFAST, so please dont get me wrong, but here in NY, only a state-certified Fire Marshall should be performing any sort of fire safety inspection. The credential, here (again for NY) is to take two clurses and a state test. Then the state considers you competent as a Fire Marshall. I believe NY City has some additional requirements.

There is NO WAY I would take ANY course and extend myself as legally competent to perform a fire safety inspection of any type, whatsoever. Charging for this service carries liability I want no part of.

Joe, you are the voice of reason Thanks.:smiley:

This is a brand new organization with no track record!! A few months back when NIFAST was first introduced on these boards, myself and Marc Shunk questioned it and concluded it had no legs to stand on. I believe Marc works with some of these fire issues and is familiar with US fire standards/ fire saftety orgs… he never heard of them before!!

It is odd that they will only train INACHI members!!! Any involvement here, NICK? Building a house of cards??

Can not contact them for courses , I did fire inspections for the fire dept so i was interested.

The 877-956-4327 is working now. Contacted yesterday. They are in the process of setting up traing Locations and dates. TBD is the answer I received when they called me back. I will post more information when available.

It’s another in a long line of examples as to how NACHI has moved into a direction that is one of complete abandonment of what Nick calls a “mere home inspector”.

Exposing yourself to increased liability for decreased fees is what he and his vendors suggest.


Home inspectors who do not follow his lead are “doomed”.

IMO, NACHI is doomed for it has decided to write SOPs and recruit participants for a market that has yet to be validated.

Nick wants us to believe that there are more people willing to pay you for inspecting their chimney than inspecting their house…that the market is greater for packages of bacteria to flush down your toilet than home inspections…that the market is greater for fire safety inspections (being done, today, for free by fire marshalls) than for home inspections.

When he thought that the Kansas HI Inspection Board might embrace his desire to provide his on-line courses, the Kansas HI Law was the most inspector friendly law in the country and publicly sided against his own members engaged in fighting its spread into Missouri.

When the Kansas licensing board refused his requests to serve on their committees and remarked that they would not recognize on-line courses for CEUs…he committed himself to join the fight the against the law and then…and only then…offered to assist us in fighting it.

NACHI is moving in the wrong direction and this thread represents but a small example as to how.

NACHI could have been better. I hope that, someday, Nick will return the Executive Director position to the ranks and end NACHI’s role as a mere vending machine.

We now work in an unprecedented period of time for our industry…where we are down to the bare bones in home inspectors and realtors. We, as an association, should be helping to form the future of our industry as we prepare to enter a time when this glut of homes for sale actually begin to sell.

Our associations…and we…should be building up (not tearing down into ancillaries) the role of the inspector and his need. We should be building our independence from, not on, the realtor.

We will never have this opportunity again, in our lifetimes. What has Nick decided to do with it? Sell toilet supplies and chimney inspections until times are better. That is not what we need.

Those of you who will be members of NACHI tomorrow…and the days after…will have to fight him to move this association back in the direction that made it – at one time – a relevant player and influence in the home inspection industry.

Do it.

Well said. Here in the surrounding area of Kansas City, over 1,600 home were sold in November. I had about 20 inspections. Who did the rest of them? I can only figure that most RE here are just not recommending home inspections, and the buyers are simply just signing the home inspection waiver, and buying the home as is. Home inspections need to be promoted, not shuttered. I have been on Bruce Brown’s radio show twice, and have promoted my business here in Kansas City on that show. Not one phone call. That should tell Nick something is wrong. It needs to be fixed. Snooze, and lose. Step back, take a deep breath, and get back to basics. The auto companies are going to have to do this, and iNACHI should, too.


Someone in KC metro area is doing inspections very CHEAP!!! I was told that my prices are to HIGH! I will not lower my prices!!! I am talking under $200.

How much more important is it for a home inspection association to address these issues than to encourage you to perform a $75 ancillary safety inspection, instead?

Houses are being sold. Houses that are not being sold…will be sold.

We are either home inspectors or commodity salesmen…we are not both.

Let’s do home inspections, shall we…and leave these “tupperware” sales to others? Lead NACHI back to the home inspector…don’t let NACHI lead the home inspector away from his profession.

Aside from Nick’s vernacular…there is no such thing as a “mere” home inspector.

can you provide us with the reference for the federal inspection law from the governmental authority that is requiring it rather than just heresay from representatives from an organization that is using this as a selling point? That may lend some credability to this organization…
Since InterNACHI is getting into the life safety perspective for commercial inspections, how about getting a discount with NFPA?

I am definitely with Joe Farsetta on this new get rich scheme. As far as I know in Illinois, fire departments with NFPA Code trained inspectors or Cities with the NFPA code compliant officers are the only one who can do these types of inspections. During my career in the fire service, we were trained to perform NFPA Life Safety 101 inspection on light commercial structures. We were not allowed to perform these inspections in schools or large commercial buildings, either by state law or department regs.

Way too much liability for this type of inspection for us home inspectors.

Buck, I will make some calls to see what is going on with the $200 inspections. Perhaps Jim Barnes is coming up here from Wichita, where he charges low fees there. As home inspectors, we need to stay away from moisture tests, chimney scopes, sewer scopes, fire inspections, all which increase chances of lawsuits. Even some E&O policies will not cover you on these ancillary inspections. Stay to the basics. Suggest futher professional evaluation in these areas. If you do some, and not others, a judge will ask you why. I do seperate termite reports, and radon tests, all seperate from the standard home inspection. That is all I will offer over and above the home inspection. I let the professionals handle the “not seen” areas. Heck, a second opinion will help you and your customer in the long run anyway. The second opinions can keep away that lawsuit. Stay firm on your prices. You get what you pay for, and will pay for what you get.