New FL inpsector seeking experience

I am a newly licensed inspector for the state of Florida and I am seeking to work alongside of an inspector to gain experience. If you can help me, please contact me at 5615066077. I have been in the construction industry for 10 years.

Chris Wilson

I’ll personally reward the fellow member who volunteers to take him out.

Chris what areas will you be working in? We are currently totally overloaded with new insta pros in Florida and it is killing the prices but if you are NOT my direct competition I’ll help out. I think buy your area code we overlap :frowning:

I would still be willing to answer any questions to help even though you are likely my direct competition and it seems like a great many new guys appear in this area every week :frowning:

I blame the idiots that allowed this and not the guys like you trying to make a living. I know it is tough and wish you well.

What did you do before deciding to join this ever so expanding marketplace?

I tried to find a location but couldn’t?


Ill take you out. PM me