New Florida legislation.

Florida bill would require regular septic tank inspections | WEAR

Great another reason for me to waste money because idiots cannot take care of their own sh-t, literately :smiley:

Who would perform these inspections? Currently you need a license and a tank truck as they always need to be emptied prior to inspection. My Godfather was a licensed plumber and offered me a opportunity to learn the business, but because of stuff like this I instead became an electrician. :wink: :lol:

Inspections, repairs, and pump-outs would have to be performed by a registered septic tank contractor.

Septic industry has been trying to get this bill passed since the 90’s. got to give them credit - they are persistent.

In general, I am opposed to more oversite/regulation of private property.

With that said, I read the bill and I am curious about “what are they trying to solve for?”

Is there a problem that is being addressed or is this a “gimme” for the plumbing industry?

It is part of replacement of septic tank plan as supposedly, it is a contributing factor to the green algae issue.

As part of our requirement for Cub Scouts, we had to meet with an elected official and discuss an issue that was important to our area.

We met with Brian Mast and he discussed with us, at length, all of the proposals being put forth, and the justification for them.

The purpose of this particular plan is to find failing septic tanks so they can either be replaced…or…developments with several failing tanks will be converted over to sewer…at a significant cost to the homeowner, while at the same time, generating income for the local water companies.

Luckily, our development is already on city water/sewer. Others in our area, are not. One development up the street from us, made it mandatory that the homeowners change over and pay or, liens were put on their homes.