New Florida SOP

Can anyone tell how to get a downloadable version of the new Florida SOP for Home Inspectors?
Thanks in advance,
Tom Rumminger

Thomas search this BB I’m sure it’s already been uploaded right here.


Has there actually been an “approved” and “official” final version of the FL SOP released yet? Last I heard there were still some glaring contradictions and issues to be ironed out.

You are correct Doug. I should have specified that it is the “proposed” SOP that Thomas may download. I don’t believe there to be a final version either, I could be wrong. though.


No problem Bert. I just tried last week to find out if there was any progress and got nowhere so I just was wondering when there was going to be some kind of definitive answer. Since I include a copy of the SOP in all our reports I don’t want to miss the boat on when the new FL SOP finally makes an appearance. Thanks!

I hear you. I guess we’ll know as soon as it happens with John S and Russell being on the committe, so we’ll just wait and see…


Thanks Tom, But when I try to down load this it say’s it’s copywrited and I can’t down load it. I’m told if we are not providing this in advance to our clients–we are in deep do-do. I want to be able to download this requirement to my webb site.
I sure do appreciate your help.
Tom Rumminger

I would use the same SOP you have been using until the state finalizes the FL SOP.
I sent out a copy of NACHI SOP with every agreement.