New form and pics

I was wondering if some of the Mitigation Guru’s could post up their completed forms and pictures for us to see??

I’d like to learn from the best!!!

Thanks in advance,

I may not be the best or a guru, but here is the form I use:
2012 WM

Looks good

Looks good, except that single wrap doesn’t qualify as it’s more than 1/2" away from the truss. The underwriter will mark that as toenailed.

toenail for sure. good eye

You can tell that…wow you are a guru!:wink:
It is close but unless someone is going to go down and measure it, I sincerely doubt anyone is going to question it. Since it is an actual inspection, we will see, won’t we?

Nope, you may never know. They may just reinspect in a year and the client very likely will not even bother to call.

You may find out.

If you do let us all know so we know what kind of crap the fools with no experience are pulling.

Actually Mike, I will know. I offer free updates until the new form comes out for all of my clients. If there is a problem, I’ll solve it.

I sincerely doubt anyone will even bat an eye at it as the home was built in 2002 and the nine nails in the wrap might dissuade anyone form looking further. And, in the grand scheme, does it really matter?

Hey Eric, has anyone ever complained about the digital signature?

No. I did have one girl who asked why I didn’t sign it and I directed her to the digital signature and she said, “ok”!

While we are doing a little QA on Eric’s form, the biggest mistake I noticed was that in #7, A.1 was not checked as indicated in the table. Also in #4, min conditions to qualify B,C,or D were not checked off.

The spacing at the strap is very close to 1/2" and I probably wouldn’t reject it. Would have found a different strap to shoot though.

You are correct and that was marked on the form that actually went out. I went back and checked.
As for finding a different strap, it was hard enough getting a pic of that one. I usually take a picture of five or six and then pick the best one for the report. Unfortunately most of the other pictures came out foggy.

Thanks for the QA. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.:cool:

It’s a rough crowd! Lol

Not at all!:smiley:
You should see some of the characters I run around with. These guys are *****cats compared to my friends.:cool:

I’m curious why you put an “x” in the box for the chart under garage door, glass block, skylight. If im correct you only put the X there if there are no garage doors, skylights or glass block that’s how i understand it.


READ the form. Either you have no garage doors, glazed openings in one or more of the garage doors OR the garage doors have no glazed openings. In the event that there are no garage doors with glazed openings you would identify that fact on the form by Xing out the glazed opening space on the form for garage doors.

No **glazed **garage door, no skylights, and no glass block.
The garage door was not glazed and was approved, there was protection for all openings including the non-glazed doors.

Correct, got it!



While were on the topic, i have another question hopefully somebody can answer correctly:

regarding roof shape with measurements. i understand the flat roof rule when attached to the house or not, considered living or not living and all that crazyness however on the UMVI report the questions asks:

ı A. Hip Roof Hip roof with no other roof shapes greater than 10% of the total roof system perimeter.
Total length of non-hip features: ______ feet; Total roof system perimeter: _______ feet
ı B. Flat Roof Roof on a building with 5 or more units where at least 90% of the main roof area has a roof slope of
less than 2:12. Roof area with slope less than 2:12 ________ sq ft; Total roof area __________sq ft
ı C. Other Roof Any roof that does not qualify as either (A) or (B) above.

my question is: we are required to measure all roof shapes on the home including flat if it is liveable and built into the roof ONLY?

So whats the meaning of the " Flat Roof Roof on a building with 5 or more units where at least 90% of the main roof area has a roof slope of
less than 2:12. Roof area with slope less than 2:12 ________ sq ft; Total"


They screwed up, I believe they reversed it. Regardless, if the structure houses 5 units or more then you would classify it as flat if the 90% or more of the roof pitch is less than 2;12. You are asked to provide the square area for the flat and other roof shapes. The way it is worded would in fact indicate that the roof pitch be incorporated into the calculation but that is a consideration for future debate.