New form fbc credit

Has anyone confirmed the question for Roof Covering and FBC adherence for the new form? The testing listed are for shingle and metal roofs only. According to State farm, Concrete and/or clay tile roofs do not qualify for FBC equivelance regardless of year installed. Other underwriters have told me they are unaware of this. Any feedback is appreciated.

I am giving the credit in dade and broward because of the NOA, no where else has it so no where else is getting the credit. No problems yet but I do not yet think any new ones in Dade or Broward has been reviewed. Biggest problem so far has been shutters. None say what code they are tested to and many of the companies listed on the shutters are out of business. No proof no credit, we have to error on the side of caution because it is our as-es on the line.

It has been our understanding having worked previously for an insurance broker, that any roof installed after March 2002 and then especially 2004 changes to the code, that these roofs absolutely meet the FBC equivalent.

This comes from Chartis, Chubb, Firemans Fund and several other major carriers. The Demotech firms will have their own opinion and don’t always do what is right.

So you are putting it down even if it does not work with how the form is worded. That seems pretty brave. I wish you good luck please let us know how it works out and if you have any problems.

I agree with Meeker on this one. Except the form does ask if it adheres to the 1994 dade county code I know for a fact that monier tiles changed their installation instructions to comply in 1994 not just for dade county-period they went with it. That of course does not mean all installations were done in accordance but it may be verifiyable from observation.

Mark is right on the money.

Concrete and clay tiles are ‘rock’. There is no Product Approval for them.

However, it is the underlaying layers of these roofs that are assembled with NOA products. The nails, felt, tar paper, underlayment, etc. Will be manufactured to the FBC requirements with NOA materials.

Clay and Tile roofs, permitted and installed to the new codes (2002-1994) will be FBC approved and constructed with NOA materials.

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Tile are required to have a noitce of product approval. Just as the underlayment, nails, adhesives, and other roofing materials.

In addition, the permit process for tile will also require the roofing contractor to supply wind load calculations based upon the tile and all the other components that make up the roofing system.

Clay and Tile roofs, permitted and installed since the new codes (2002-1994) took effect, will be FBC approved and constructed with NOA materials.

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I have spoken to several large roofing companies who work primarily in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami Dade and Martin Counties. They all have NOA’s for for tile roofs installed after 2004 in all but Miami Dade and Broward Counties. They also stated that in Palm Beach County, the inspectors check the wind load on about 10% of the total tiles. That will be somewhere around 200 tiles per roof. If they were not FBC compliant why would all of these cities be allowing installation and then providing approved permits.

Go figure that out.